Thursday, July 13, 2006

What Style of Jeans Are You?

You Are Low Rise Jeans

You are both sexy and casual - the type of girl who looks hot without really trying.

You tend to spark imagination, only showing a peek of your skin.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

How Bitchy Are You?

You Are 72% Bitchy

While you may not think of yourself as the ice queen, admit it, you're often in a bad mood.

And it's those around you who often bear the brunt of your annoyance, even if they haven't done anything wrong!

What's Your Dating Speed?

You are a Look Before You Leap, Yellow Light Dater

When it comes to the dating game, you fall in the middle

You aren't going to ask out any cute guy that comes your way

That doesn't mean you're a total wall-flower though.

You'll smile and flirt - for Mr. Almost Perfect.

You're online dating style?

You're wired to spend time reading profiles carefully

Once you figure out what you want, you'll make a few connections