Friday, March 26, 2010

R & R

I have been on the go for the past two weeks, so I think that today I am going to just relax and get some 'house chores' done. I have organizing, a scrapbook to work on, a sweater to knit, laundry and coupons to clip. Not to mention the regular things, showering, making the bed, lunch and possibly meeting up with a friend later on. I told her that if she wanted to go out I would go, but I wanted to go early. My friend just called and she is not even close to being ready, although neither am I. I am getting my hair cut and colored next week so I have to go to the store to pick out the color. The last one I picked was really close to my natural color and I want to go blonde for the summer. So I have to pick a lighter color and have Cassie add some highlights in a light color. It's nice having a girl who goes to school for hairdressing in the family. She needs someone to practice on and I need my hair done. I just hope I can pull off blonde, especially since as of right now I don't have a tan. I guess I will have to try it and see what happens. I can always go back to my natural color if I don't like blonde.
I have to look for a few classes as well. I want to take a cooking class, a yoga class and a knitting class. Not all at once, but I need to sart looking.
Ok, back to the relaxing day, lol!