Saturday, June 1, 2002

My Boyfriend Goes into Space

I know that there is a definitate appeal to wanting to pretend that you're an astraunaut. And I understand that if you're a billionaire that $20 million would be a small dent in your pocket. And I can see how making a documentary while in space might serve some education purpose. I think that might be a documentary that I would actually watch. And I think after growing up in a generation who had grown up watching Space Camp we have all, at one point wished that we could go into space. And I do think that Lance is the cutest member of boy band nsync (yes I think that he is WAY cuter than Justin). And maybe $20 million might help out the space program in Russia. But I have to wonder if using the Russian Aerospace Agency so that tourists can go into outer space is the best use of our resources that we have available. It seems as though we are just promoting the idea that 'If you have enough can do whatever you want.' I always had a lot of respect for astraunaughts. Not only were they a few chosen to make an incredible journey, but they were also in great physical shape and incredibly intelligent. Thay had 'earned' their trip. And not to say that these people haven't but it seems to take away from all those little kids who wanted to be so smart so that they could go to Space Camp (myself included). That was one (of my many) dreams as a child. I wanted to go to Space Camp in the hopes that I might someday get to be like Sally Ride. And if we allow this trip to become a tourist event for anyone who can fork over that kind of dough, what happens to all those kids who thought you had to be smart to achieve your goals?

*NSYNC member cleared for space trip
MOSCOW (May 31, 2002 10:49 p.m. EDT) - The world's next would-be space tourist, Lance Bass of boy band *NSYNC, said Friday that Russian space doctors have cleared him for a flight to the international space station aboard a Russian rocket, a journey he hopes to make this fall. Bass, 23, shrugged off questions about the dangers of space flight. "I like to be positive, I'm an optimist," he told reporters in Moscow. "I know physically I can do it, I know mentally I can do it." The Russian Aerospace Agency said earlier this week that it hadn't yet received commercial proposals from Bass or his representatives and warned that there is little chance he can complete training in time for the next Soyuz rocket launch in October. Bass did not comment on financial details of his bid. The world's second space tourist, South African Mark Shuttleworth, returned to Earth this month after a weeklong trip that cost him $20 million - the same sum the world's first space tourist, Dennis Tito, paid last year. Bass said Friday he still hopes to go to space in the fall. He said the October flight would ideally suit his band's busy schedule, and added that other band members were "very supportive" of his adventure. Bass said he and another would-be space tourist, former NASA official Lori Garver, spent weeks passing grueling tests to qualify for the mission, with 48 doctors certifying their fitness at Russia's premier space medicine center, the Institute for Medical and Biological Problems. Bass was found to have an irregular heartbeat, and although it was not necessarily a hindrance to a space mission, he had it corrected by a medical procedure back in the United States. Bass said he had long dreamed of going to space and hoped his mission would serve educational purposes through a documentary he would make in space. "We're doing final negotiations right now with a major network to air this," he said. "It makes me feel like a great spokesperson for these space programs." Bass said he loved Russia and was looking forward to studying Russian - a requirement for landing a seat on a Soyuz. "It's going to be very difficult but something I'm looking forward to," he said. Fort Worth, Texas-based RadioShack Corp. financed Bass' medical screening and also provided support to Garver, who hopes to make her space flight next April. "I'm more patient," Garver joked, saying she would be training alongside Bass as his backup at the Russian Star City cosmonaut training center outside Moscow while working to gather financial support for her own mission. Bass hailed Garver as a great expert and excellent companion. "She's so brilliant and so dedicated to this project ... She is like a human encyclopedia when it comes to space," he said. Both Bass and Garver are in discussions with additional sponsors and television networks to expand their financial support beyond RadioShack. Jeffrey Manber, president of the Amsterdam-based MirCorp company that is helping Bass and Garver, said he was conducting talks with Russian space officials. The Interfax news agency quoted Aerospace Agency spokesman Sergei Gorbunov as saying Bass should take "extremely energetic measures" to quickly wrap up commercial talks and start training. But Gorbunov voiced doubts the singer would manage to secure a seat on October's flight.

Monday, May 27, 2002

my dream

I have been looking for a new VWBeetle convertible since I saw Austin Powers driving one around. Let's just say that I have been to the VW dealership my fair share of times asking when they are coming out with them in America. And every time that I ask, I get the same answer, 'Miss we know that they are going to come out with them, we just don't know when.' And even though I do not speak Deutch?, I think that a very sweet boy may have sent me on the correct path. I swore to myself that once I saw the opportunity for this car, that I would own it. It's been something that I have really wanted. And I know that certain car dealerships in America 'modify' the new Beetles into the Cab's but I also know that 'modifications such as these will void my warranty.'

Beetles Revival
There is a rumor going around about a small company, nestled in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Germany, which not only produces the classical beetle convertible and the new beetle convertible, but we also restore all volkswagen automobiles to their original mint condition.
We, at Beetles Revival, try to maintain excellent customer service by not only giving you a quality product, but by keeping a good solid customer relationship with our experienced service and parts department.
We produce from your New Beetle...the New Beetle Convertible.
Beetles Revival High Lights
New Beetle Convertible as a new car
Refine your New Beetle to a New Beetle Convertible
Beetles Revival Show Rooms
aautomobile dealer Kamps in Witten
VW-Center in Leipzig
autobobile dealer Jacobs in Aachen
New Beetle Cabriolet
On that IAA in Frankfurt am Main, we for the first time presented the New Beetle convertible the public in September 1999.
Approximately 20 vehicles produced individually left our workshop since then, among other things, a Show-Car for the motion picture film "Austin Powers" as well as the "Beetster" in Co-Produktion with Kamei.
They can command your dream convertible with us as a producing vehicle or you deliver your New Beetle as a basic vehicle.Ihre individual wishes in equipment can let us flowing completely into our small production!
Design your dream convertible. Choose between the different engines, color coatings, tires or add one or more of our special options for your own New Beetle Convertible.

Saturday, May 25, 2002

Behind the Scenes

I don't know if it's the fact that some of these "artists" but the most obscure things that I have ever heard of on their list. I have been hooked on finding out what all these famous musicians have ordered in their riders.

Red Hot Chili Peppers:
Meditation Room: All walls pipe and draped med to dark color please (prefer not blue) per advance.
After ordering all this 'healthy crap like soy yogurt, flavored rice cakes and yogurt and carob covered raisins...they ordered a box of Lucky Charms?
White Socks, Black Socks, Boxers, TShirts (is this the alternative to having your mother buy that stuff for you)

Backstreet Boys:
16 32oz bottles of water for stage NO GAS (what does no gas mean?)

Hennesey, Alize, Milk, Cristal, Dom Perignon

White Room, White flowers, White tables and/or tablecloths, White drapes, White candles, White couches
Yellow roses with Red Trim (*$55.00 for 10)
White Lilies (*$45.00 for 6)
White Roses (*$65.00 for 12)
Diptyque Candles: (*sell for $42.00 each)Tuberous, Figure, Heliotrope
Music:About 25 CD's

In summary, can I be a rock star?!?! I mean...their riders have more things on them than my Christmas Lists!!

The Smoking Gun Backstage Pass
Over the past couple of years, The Smoking Gun has published excerpts from the backstage riders of a few dozen performers. But that assemblage has not been extensive enough for demanding TSG visitors, so we've gone out and obtained loads of new riders. So many, in fact, that our backstage collection now covers a whopping 134 acts--everyone from Frank Sinatra and the Rolling Stones to Kenny G and KC & the Sunshine Band. The contract rider includes specifications on stage design, sound systems, lighting rigs, as well as an artist's wish list--from transportation and billing to dressing room accommodations and meals. In some cases, a promoter will refuse a demand (crossing out the request on the document), though stars usually get what they want, whether it's clean boxer shorts (Jane's Addiction), prune juice (Kansas), or an arrangement of tulips, roses, gardenias, and lilies (Janet Jackson). For some groups, TSG has obtained riders from more than one tour, so we've chosen excerpts from the most entertaining document in the lot. In addition, we've used red arrows to point out some interesting sections on individual riders--though we're sure you'll find many other personal favorites. And since we've now built a permanent home for these backstage documents, we'll add riders to this section as we obtain them, so check back to see what's new.

Friday, May 24, 2002

Sorority Bitch

It's not like I'm totally like this all the time ;) And so what if I have a few things in common with a sorority bitch? What-Ever! I still thought that this was funny.

I am a sorority bitch.

I am a sorority bitch. I wear gucci sunglasses. I have a Kate Spade Purse. I fake bake. I binge drink. I don't go to class. I shack. I have lots of different guys' boxers because I shack. I drink lots of hard alcohol I spend hours doing my hair before I go to class so I can get that "messy" look. I go to the gym with makeup on. My hair looks perfect when I am at the gym. I go to the gym in pure spandex. I act like I'm working out really hard when I am at the gym, but really I am only checking out frat boys. I have a frat boy boyfriend. I only associatewith frat boys. I shack at frat houses. You will see me walking down fraternity row in my black platforms and a tube top and capri pants at 11 am on Sunday morning because I just woke up. I diet. I eat salads and lots of chocolate cake. I don't know all of my professors names, but I know all the names of famous designers. I wear calvin clein underwear.. at least it will look good when it's on the floor. I have a cell phone. I talk on my cell phone on the way to class. My cell phone often rings in class. People know I am popular because my cell phone rings so much. My cell phone has many different colored fronts to match all of my outfits. I throw up in Frat bathrooms. I drink jungle juice. I take shots. I sleep in class. I watch 90210. I go out every night. I complain about Monday night meetings. I talk about everyone. I gossip about my sisters. I drink too much. I want daddy to send me more money. I shop at Nordstroms. My liscence plate says Princess. I drive a cool sports car. I have a prada bag. I spend more money on my purses than you did on your computer. You wish you were like me. I know if you were really cool you would rush. If you did rush and dropped, we didn't want you anyway. I wear cute clothes to go get my mail. I wear sorority tee-shirts everywhere, but especially to the gym. I know where the mall is but I don't know where to register for classes. I have sex with frat boys. I talk about how wasted I was last night really loud in class. I was really wasted last night. I always know what's going on. And if it's going on and I don't know about it, it must not be cool. I will ask you what house you're in and I will try not to laugh if your house sucks... or if your not in a house at all, wow, I'm really sorry. What do you do if you're not in a house? Do you go out if you're not in a house? Do you have any friends? Where on earth do you go to drink? I get my hair highlighted. I have a Tiffany's bracelet with my name engraved on it. I only use my computer to email people. I only get good grades on papers because there are copies of them in my house. I am on academic probation. I have lots of frat guys phone numbers on my tack board. I cherish the greek pages. I talk about my house in class. I will ask you about your house in class. I will let everyone know what sorority I'm in. I make out with fraternity boys at frat parties. I can be found at a frat house on any given night at 1:30 am. Late night, duh. I have the perfect outfit for every date dash. At pimps and hoes I don't even have to dress up. I am a jammavibrator, a dick grabber, a chi hoe, a Dog Pound, a dirty girl, a Tri- Dump, a Visa Visa Master Card. I smoke on the front porch of my sorority house. I have a cigarette case to make all of my kenneth cole shoes. I have MAC make up. I have thousands of photographs. I am kissing a frat boy or drinking alcohol in 80 percent of the photos. In the other 20 percent I am too drunk to hold a beer any more or I just got finished kissing a frat boy. If you have a frat boy boyfriend and you're not in a house he's probably getting on me when you're not around. I like getting on other people's boyfriends. It makes me feel really good about myself. Because I am prettier than you, I sure as hell dress better than you, and dammit, I'm cooler than you. I’m a sorority bitch.

Stem cells

Stem cells technique offers MS hope

Stem cell research has led to a possible treatment for multiple sclerosis. The new technique involves taking stem cells from the patient's blood, killing the ones working against the immune system and returning the healthy ones to the body.
Scientists say 26 people with severe MS have undergone the treatment, which is called autologous stem cell transplantation. Within 14 months, 20 had their conditions stablised and six showed some mild improvement. Conventional treatments had previously failed for all of the patients. However, three of the patients died during the study due to complications following the procedure. The treatment is now being tested on more patients to confirm its effectiveness and study its long-term effect. The research was presented during the American Academy of Neurology's 54th Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado. Dr George Kraft, of the University of Washington Medical Centre in Seattle, led the study. He said: "This is good news. These patients had all been rapidly deteriorating over the past year, so to get them to a point where they are stabilised is great progress." Dr Kraft added: "The hope is that these stem cells will eventually reconstitute into healthy immune system cells and the disease process can be stopped."Stem cells can develop into any of the body's other cells and may one day be used to cure a variety of illnesses.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

should we start tipping her?

Ok I know that these are completely hypocritical ideas. I went to a concert back in '99 and I bought one of her cd's (even thought I do "own" all of them thanks to the miracle of mp3s and a cd burner). Maybe its the fact that the press has been so overly-obsessed with her and Justin. Maybe its that I think she is given far far too much credit for shakin her butt and lip-syncing. Or maybe its that I think about who I idolized as a little girl and I think of Debbie(now Deborah) Gibson (i don't think i ever saw her elbows) and maybe Madonna. And yes Madonna was totally risque but she was also 26 when she did 'Like a Virgin'. And it wasn't until she was 32 when she had the Blonde Ambition Tour. Back to my point. We are talking about a young girl in her early twenties. A time when the craziness starts to come out of all of us. Isn't that everyone's twenties? But at the same time someone who is in the constant spotlight and KNOWS that little girls look up to her the same way that she looked up to Janet and Madonna. So yes it does piss me off a when I see my 7 year old cousin crouched down on the floor air-humping an imaginary pole and claiming that its the 'Britney Dance'. And with that in mind, I give you more of my opinions.

Hypothetical Situation: 2005 - Britney loses her voice(lol) and can't make another song ever again. Her 4th divorce has just been finalized and her husband got all the money. Not qualified to do any kind of real job, she decides she wants to audition as a stripper. But does she meet the requirements?

Britney v. The Stripper

  1. Dyed hair

  2. Looks like a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSONwithout makeup.

  3. Wears TONS of eye makeup

  4. ALWAYS has lots of skin showing

  5. Breast Implants

  6. UM HELLO?!? "Creme" Magazine

  7. Dances with poles

  8. Can be mistaken for someone in porn

  9. Takes clothes off for money (did you actually think this girl doesn't get paid)

  10. Sees nothing wrong with dancing around in a thong and some sparkles.

  11. Has been quoted for saying stupid shit:

    • "Well I mean, for a start, I don't date black guys, ya know coming from the South, there just aren't any minorities there,'s like, a major shock when you go to the big cities and all, they're just everywhere."

    • "I would never pierce anything. Belly rings are like so old."

    • A local DJ, "Would you get anything pierced?"
      Britney, "Nooo way would I get anything fake on my body."

    • " I think just being pure and doing nothing to destroy your body is cool. I think thats what's in right now."

    • "I listen to NSYNC's 'Tearin Up My Heart' because it reminds me to wear a bra."

  12. Christina Aguilera calls you trash

  13. Smoking

  14. No tan lines

  15. Don't know who Yoko One is.

  16. You didn't finish school

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Office Drinking Game

And the sick thing is that I think this actually sounds fun. What kind of a warped mind thinks such things?!?

:: MAXIM ONLINE :: Office Drinking Game
Oh, like you’re so productive anyway.

You know that six pack that’s been chilling in your office fridge for the past eight months, waiting for that “special occasion” that never comes? Well, if you’ve got the cajones (and the financial stability to accept unemployment) we suggest you grab that mystery lager and have yourself some fun on company time.

The Rules
If you’re drinking at work, it’s pretty safe to say that all bets are off. Maxim Online accepts no responsibility for your dumb ass getting fired.

Take One Drink When…
  • Every time someone’s abandoned cell phone rings.

  • You pass a desk or cubicle, causing the guy sitting there to hastily close out of the porn site he was just on.

  • You’re asked to “brainstorm.”

  • Every time your computer crashes or freezes. (Take an extra drink every time the tech support guys tell you, “We’ll be right up.”)

  • You receive a “chain e-mail” from the office religious nut.

  • Someone’s hangover/burrito relief has befouled the restroom.

  • You see someone with more than one framed photo/stuffed animal/action figure near their computer.

Take Two Drinks When…
  • Anyone uses the terms “blue-sky,” “evergreen,” or “proactive.”

  • The fax and/or copy machine is out of service.

  • Someone’s lunch is potent enough to stink up the whole office.

  • The bulletin board features any of the following: “Roommate wanted” ads, fire safety instructions, or embarrassing candid photos of employees.

  • Someone admits to having “cc’d” or “bcc’d” someone else.

Do a Shot When…
  • Your boss calls you by someone else’s name. (Take an extra shot if it’s the office fuck-up’s)

  • Something in the communal refrigerator has rotted so badly, you can’t even tell what it used to be.

  • The hot temp turns you down. Again.

  • The mailroom “misplaces” your Maxim. Again.

  • Someone gets “downsized” (Take unlimited shots if it’s you).

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Hello Again Nasty

Beastie Boys set to record Hello Nasty follow-up

The Beastie Boys are planning to record a new album.

Ananova Story filed: 15:40 Monday 10th December 2001

I am so super duper happy that they're coming out with a new album. I think that I wore out my copy of 'The Sounds of Science' (its a double-cd set). Not to mention the aimple fact that I love them

The album will be the follow-up to their 1998 album Hello Nasty.
The group are to start work in the recording studio early next year.
Beasties DJ Mixmaster Mike told Rolling Stone that the group have been working on new material in New York and Los Angeles.

He said: "Right now, we're at the incubation stage. We've got all the beats in the incubator. They're eggs. We're waiting for them to hatch. Me and Mike D are just like, politicking. We're very moody players. We're moody musicians. You never know what's gonna come out of it."

Monday, May 20, 2002

Star Wars: Attack of the (Mistaken) Clones

Star Wars, Attach of the Clones has only been released in the theaters for 4 days. And movie-mistakes have already found over 40 mistakes. This is so unbelievable to me. I mean, not to say that movies don't have their mistakes. They all do. I remember watching the "Wizard of Oz" looking for the munchkin hanging in the tree and I remember watching "Three Men and A Baby" looking for the 'guy in the window who had killed himself'. I understand that there are flaws. But 40 of them? I honestly think that sometimes these flaws may be used as a marketing appeal. Maybe the producers want to see if they can make a few extra dollars, etc... And we usually fall for it. I know that I certainly am not the only one who looked for the munchin or the window man. Especially considersing that I had heard it fom 'someone who had seen it'. Small mistakes, little marketing tactics, I can get. But did they watch this movie or screen a test audience before they released it? I'm not making ANY claim to be a Star Wars nerd. But I would think that you would want some of those people to watch your movie FOR you before you release it. Maybe the Star Wars fans are a little over the top. Maybe they know a little TOO much about the stories and the books and the movies, etc... But aren't those the same people who make sure that they see your movie right away? Aren't they the ones who buy the dvd even though they saw it like 6 times in the theatre?

Star Wars: Attack of the (Mistaken) Clones
Attack of the Clones (2002)
Directed by George Lucas

According to, here are the Most-Mistake Ridden Movies

Rank Film Number of mistakes
1 - The Matrix - 146
2 - Titanic - 135
3 - Spider-Man - 123
4 - Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring - 117
5 - Jurassic Park - 95
6 - Gladiator - 93
7 - Terminator 2: Judgment Day - 89
8 - Pearl Harbor - 79
9 - Star Wars - 78
10 - Independence Day - 76
11 - Top Gun - 73
12 - The Wizard of Oz - 72
13 - The Mummy Returns - 67
14 - Saving Private Ryan - 67
15 - Austin Powers: Spy Who Shagged Me - 63
16 - Charlie's Angels - 62
17 - Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade - 62
18 - Raiders of the Lost Ark - 62
19 - Return of the Jedi - 60
20 - Braveheart - 54
Attack of the Clones - 42
1. When Padme gets her back scratched she seems to bleed. Even though she is wearing all white, and the scratches seems to be deep, her white top remains squeaky clean during the rest of the movie and does not get dirty from her wound.
2. How is it that one slash on Amidala's back ripped off the entire midriff of her shirt, and both of her sleeves?
3. When Anakin is fighting the geonosis guards in the droid factory, he does a backwards roll to avoid being hit, while doing so he rolls right on one of the molten pieces of metal on the conveyor belt...
4. When Anakin jumps off the speeder when they are chasing Zen the assassin and drops to land on Zen's craft, you can see a bulge in the back of his costume that is obviously the shackle which the cable that is holding him is attached to.
5. On Tatooine when Anakin first gets on to the swoop bike, two legs which the bike is standing (hovering) on is visible. This is even so while he is racing along tatooine landscape. These legs are no longer visible when he returns with Shmi.
6. During the sequence where Obi-wan goes to meet Yoda regarding the abscence of Kamino from the Jedi Archives, look closely at the collection of children Yoda is training. While most are human, there is one that is alien, with a reptilian face of dark skin. He sure moves fast, because at first he is at the back in the centre of the group of trainees, in the next shot he is at the fron of the group of trainees, and by the end of the scene, he is on the far left, yet we never see him, or any of the other children, move.
7. After the fight scene between Obi-Wan and Jango Fett at Kamino, as Jango runs up the walkway into his ship, the door closes from above and knocks Jango in the head as he enters. I'm fairly sure that who shot is computer generated, so it must have been deliberate - a little nod to the Storm trooper in Star Wars, perhaps?
8. After landing at Geonosis to save Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padme have a brief discussion in the ship next to C3PO and R2D2. Then they walk down the small hall and exit the ship to the right. R2 and C3PO then have a discussion. A few moments later R2 and 3PO leave the ship...but exit to the left.
9. When Yoda and Mace listen to the Senate voting Palpatine emergency powers, Yoda starts on the top ledge nearest the Senate chamber. When the shot changes he has moved down onto a different ledge which wasn't there before.
10. In the arena battle, the creature that looks like a crab is a complete StarCraft rip off of the Lurker - click here to see it.
11. Just a small visual error on behalf of computer animation. On Geonesis, after Anakin and Senator Amidala get out of the ship in the steamvent area. Anakin ducks under a doorway on his way into the droid production factory, but if you look closely, his head goes "through" the doorway a bit. This is most likely due to the fact that the doorway was computer generated onto a blue screen, and "Anakin" didn't duck correctly.
12. In the arena scene, Anakin's pillar already has a chain hanging from the top before he is led to it, however, when he is led to the pillar, the chain is no longer there, and a new one is hoisted to the top by the flying Geonosian guard.
13. When Obi-Wan goes to the water planet and talks to the Prime Minister in his office. The alien is of course computer generated. When the actors do their blue screen work, markers are put up for them to look at so that when the finished shot is done, and the alien is put in, it looks like they're looking at the alien. In this scene, Obi-Wan is clearly not looking at the alien. (On one of the "making of" trailers at you can hear George Lucas jokingly say "Eye-lines! I don't care about no stinking eye-lines," and the scene behind him is Obi-Wan talking to the alien...)
14. When C3PO losses his head in the droid factory. He wanders toward the assembly line, filled with droids being fit with heads. Suddenly he is shown stepping into an open spot on the previously full conveyor. Where did this "open space" come from?
15. When Obi-wan tries to apprehend Jango fett, Jango has 2 blasters. What happens to the other one, after it shows one blaster knocked to the ledge?
16. On Tatooine when Anakin first gets on to the swoop bike, two legs which the bike is standing (hovering) on is visible. This is even so while he is racing along tatooine landscape. These legs are no longer visible when he returns with Shmi's body.
17. In the introduction, when text flows across the screen, the words "ten thousand solar systems" appear. Strictly speaking, there is only one Solar system - ours. A star with planets is a "star system", our star is called "Sol", hence, the Solar System. This trivial error is made in many sci-fi films, BUT the Star Wars series has never fallen into this error before. Remember Episode IV, where Leia says something like, "The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers" (and that's only one example). So why, why, why has George Lucas allowed such a trivial but irksome error to be made here?
18. Earlier in the movie Padme is packing her luggage to leave Coruscant (while she is talking to Anakin). In one shot she has a red folded garment in her hands and in the next one she is putting some dark stuff into her case.
19. When Obi-Wan is on Geonosis secretly listening to Count Dooku's plan with the seperatists. If Dooku is such a great Jedi/Sith wouldn't he be able to sense Obi-Wan there listening?
20. When Dooku tries to make the tower fall on Ben and Anakin, why does Yoda struggle so much to levitate it and move it out the way, when in episode V he gives Luke a lecture about things not being heavy for a Jedi?
21. During the scene in which Anakin Skywalker is en route to the Tusken camp in search of his mother, in which he is riding a speeder bike, there is only one sun in the sky. This planet supposedly has two.
22. On Tatooine, Amidala presses a button to retransmit the message from Obi-wan. A moment later, she presses the same button to bring up the map showing Obi-wan's location and the distances between Tatooine and Couruscant. Not only does this same button do double duty, but with one press it knows she wants to show the location of the three planets.
23. When Amidala and some of the clone troopers get blown out of the ship chasing Dooku, later the trooper approaches Amidala and asks about making their way back to the front lines, but Amidala says they should go to the hangar to help Obi-Wan and Ani. How did she know about the hangar, having left the ship quite some time before it arrived at the final destination?
24. When Amidala & Anakin are eating and he cuts her a piece of the fruit and "floats" it back to her, the bite appears in the fruit a split second before she actually eats it.
25. In an early scene with Yoda talking to Mace Windu in the Jedi council room, he sits on his little Jedi throne balancing his hands atop his cane. As the shots change angle, the cane isn't there. To top it off, Yoda's hands remain as if still atop the cane...
26. In the fight scene between Yoda and Count Dooku, Jedi powers crumble part of the roof, which then falls to the floor. Later in the scene, after the hand to hand combat, the roof mess has miraculously vanished - none of it remains on the floor.
27. When Anakin and Padme are standing outside the Lars' house, we see their shadows projected on to the side of the house (with Anakin's shadow looking worryingly like Darth Vader's). However, in the next shot their shadows have moved about 4 feet to the left.
28. When Palpatine is speaking to the Jedi very near the beginning, the ships in the suspended invisible freeways on the background are always going on the same pattern. Notice that there is an elongated ship with a large rear tip, and then two smaller ships always seem to catch it at the same time. This goes on for about 3 minutes.
29. In the bar scene on Coruscant, when Anakin is tracking Zam Wessel through the bar, his Jedi braid changes sides - it is on the left side of his head in a shot where he is seen from behind. At all other times in the movie, the braid is on the right side of his head.
30. At the beginning of the scene where Anakin and Amidala are getting off the "train", R2-D2 is struggling down the stairs some way behind them. Their conversation flows continuously, but as soon as Anakin says "we've got R2 with us", R2-D2 is handily immediately behind them.
31. When Anakin is getting ready to ride off after his mother, you can see a small pile of boxes right next to his shadow that is being cast on the side of the Lars' house. Amidala comes out and we see their shadows, and the boxes have gone. Then when Anakin gets on the hoverbike and rides off, the boxes return.
32. In the scene on Geonosis where the droids are closing in on the remaining Jedi, the camera keeps cutting close and cutting back out. In only two of these changes is a blue Twilek visible. She has disappeared in the other camera angles.
33. As Padme and Anakin are about to leave their ship to save Obi-Wan right after landing in the exhaust shaft, she puts on a shawl-like piece of cloth over her shoulders facing forward. When they exit the ship, the shawl is suddenly backwards, with the two ends hanging behind her instead of in front of her.
34. At the start of the movie, when the ship on the platform explodes, it visibly knocks off one of the nubian fighters in the lower left. However, there still is the one Padme's security officer was in, and in a different shot, there are two side by side, equaling 4 fighters, but the very first few shots only show 3 escorting the senator's ship.
35. When Anakin and Padme enter the exhaust shaft, they land on a convenient landing pad. Why is there a landing pad in an exhaust shaft?
36. When Anakin is fighting Count Dooku, he takes Ben's blue light sabre in his left hand, in the next shot he is holding it in his right hand.
37. When Anakin and Padme are disguised as refugees? and are eating their meal in the hold of a ship with many other passengers. Padme leans forward to get some food, when the camera angle changes she is sitting upright in her seat against the chair back.
38. In the scene where Anakin and Padme are about to eat, Anakin uses the force to levitate her pear-like fruit to his plate. He then proceedes to cut it pretty much in half. However, the piece he sends over to her is much smaller than half - we even see the remainder of the pear on his plate which is substantially larger than it was in the shot before.
39. When Anakin is crying on Tattooine, he starts to cry and the tears are running down his face, but then they disappear and his face is completely dry, then there are more tears, and the same thing happens again.
40. As Anakin and Amidala are landing on Tattooine, the sun on the set and the sun reflection off their ship are in different directions. The double sun would not account for this, as they are not far enough apart.
41. When Anakin and Obi-Wan are going up the lift to meet Padme, the lift is on the right hand edge of the building so when they get out they can physically only turn left. however they get out, meet Jar-Jar, and turn right.
42. When Anakin is on Tatooine talking to Watto, there are two of Watto's worker-droids visible in the background between them (behind Anakin, screen left). In front of these droids is a box, presumably theirs to carry. In the very next shot, which shows Anakin leaving with Watto, the droids are still there, but the box is nowhere in sight.

US states ban junk food from schools

So I know that if I was in high school or maybe even in grammar school, I would be totally pissed off about this. But given the fact that now it honestly has nothing to do with me anymore, I can say that I think that this is a good idea. I can't remember what television show was on where I saw a McDonalds and a Taco Bell in the SAME high school. And I thought that bacon, egg and cheeses were bad?!? That was one of the WORST things that I could get when I was in high school (and I thought nothing can change THAT much in 5 years LOL).

US states ban junk food from schools

Story filed: 17:51 Monday 20th May 2002

US schools are banning junk food from the canteen in an attempt to tackle the rise in teenage obesity.
The country's two biggest states, Texas and California, will stop selling soft drinks, sweets and chips cafeterias from the start of the next academic year. School districts in many other states have already outlawed the sale of junk food and replaced it with soy-based burgers, grilled chicken, salads and fruit juices. The number of severely obese children in the US has doubled since 1980. Some 13% of children aged 6 to 11 years and 14% of youngsters aged 12 to 19 years were overweight in 1999.

What Porn Starlet are you?

What Porn Starlet are you? Take the quiz @

Saturday, May 18, 2002

10 Things You Don't Know About Women

I personally thought that this was a riot!! I agree that makeup does get people 'high'. Its the same thing with shoes.

10 Things You Don't Know About Women

By Sarah Silverman

May 2002, Volume 137, Issue 5
Sarah Silverman, a comedian and actress, stars in the new Fox sitcom Greg the Bunny.

The assignment is "Ten things men don't know about women." I am the worst person to write this. Get Nora Ephron. Get Mim Udovitch. But me? Look, if you want a piece on the difference between men and women, you can pick one up next to the cash register at any bookstore. (I think computers write them now.) But as I thought about it, I realized it's up to me, as a writer, to find a unique angle. Then I found it: total and complete honesty. That's right, the following are, truly, the ten things that men don't know about women.
  1. We go to the bathroom together because we're doing coke.

  2. We want to cuddle after sex because we're fucking freezing.

  3. Makeup gets you high.

  4. The "menstrual cramp" is a made-up phenomenon. Like the "Holocaust."

  5. Not all women like crappy, sappy movies. Unfortunately, many do. Which is why they get made. So, ultimately, you can actually blame women for the perpetuation of mediocrity in film.

  6. Vaginas have a hidden pocket for change. (Not coins, social change.)

  7. Our eyes are up here.

  8. We hate our thighs because, interestingly enough, they opposed our right to vote.

  9. Women who get boob jobs "for themselves" also give blow jobs "for themselves."

  10. The labia minora is not Hanukkah paraphernalia.

Cuss Words

Ok ok I know I should watch it with the 'potty mouth' thing. I wonder if Joe Rogan has seen this one? Actually, I can see him writing this for some reason. But this article is too funny. I wonder if I can use this as my mantra?

Why I Love Cuss Words
I try to keep it clean, but sometimes a good fuck! or shit! provides just the release I need. Say you drop something heavy on your foot. "Gosh darn it!" doesn't cut it. And why should it? Language Hitlers say anyone who swears doesn't have sufficient mastery of the language. Bullshit. Invoke Shakespeare when someone cuts you off in traffic and see how fast you get through town.
Some folks can remember when they first heard the word "fuck" or "shit." I only remember being convinced that saying fuck would send me straight to hell, where you can cuss to your heart's content as demons stick red-hot pokers up your ass. At one point I was such a twisted goody-too shoes that I blackened out the single instance of the word fuck in a book of monologues by Steve Martin. I've been fucking overcompensating every since.
Swearing, cussing, taking the Lord's name in vain — all have been frowned on for centuries. George Washington told his troops to refrain from "the foolish and wicked practice of profane cursing and swearing." OK, George. You get butchered by better equipped Brits and watch your fingers and toes fall off in the cold. Can you hear those poor troops mumbling after the general rode off? "Fuck you, ya wigtop, and the horse you rode in on."
As part of his research on cursing, professor Tim Jay (author of Cursing in America and What To Do When Your Kids Talk Dirty) assigned his students to count "bad" words in the movies. The findings are not surprising: Movies during the Eighties contained an average of 81 cuss words, up from 24 during the Sixties and 1.5 in films before that. Is that an indication of a decline in our society, or is Hollywood making better movies? War is not some goddamned action-adventure movie. Even in classics like Gone With the Wind, do you think Scarlett O'Hara was shaking her fist at the sky saying, "Goshdarnit, I've lost everything and might die here of starvation?" Hell no. She was spitting, "Fuck them Yankees." But nobody gave a damn.
What galls me most is how hypocritical the media is when it comes to swear words. Richard Nixon swore like a bat out of hell on the Watergate tapes. But no newspaper had the guts to print the transcripts with the expletives not deleted. (Not only was Nixon an asshole, he had no talent using cuss words.) Reinhold Aman, a former university professor and editor of Maledicta Press, calls it "newspaper censorshit" so publications that quote him have to print it as "newspaper censorsh—." He wonders, as I do, why so many publications spell fuck as f—-. What is that? Find? Food? Fork? The newsweeklies will show its prissy readers graphic photos of mutilated Rwandans, but if someone says, "This is bullshit," it causes a ruckus. If you are going to disguise words that might offend some readers, what about h—-s—ual, ab—tion or s-x?
Once you start looking for censorship, it pops up everywhere. Entertainment Weekly once printed an interview with Howard Stern and used dashes to disguise words like asshole and fuck. But in the same article, the magazine included a graphic description of a Stern writer sticking his finger up someone's butt. When a Republican congressman called Bill Clinton a "scumbag," the New York Times didn't print the word. Instead, they called it a "vulgarity for a condom" (?) and later "a euphemism for a despicable person." That narrows it down.
More recently, the journalism review Brill's Content began censoring "naughty" words. In one issue, it quotes a court document: "Hotseattle also asked if I had seen a picture of his naked c--k." Is that how the affidavit printed the word? Probably not. So the quote isn't accurate. In past issues, this hardhitting magazine has also censored fuck and bullshit (the latter in an essay by investigative journalist Bob Woodward). I wrote editor in chief Steve Brill to ask about the policy. He told me that these words be blocked out because, "My kids read my magazine." Maybe he should call it Brill's Children's Content.
My favorite example of prudery has to be when Men's Health — a magazine read entirely by people with penises — quoted Robin Williams explaining how to save a stand-up routine. If all else fails, he said, "go for the d—- joke." Can you believe that? A men's magazine afraid of the word dick.
All of this is why, to get to the point, I have launched the Society to Highlight Ingrate Terms (SHIT). Just as the National Rifle Association believes that a good gun owner is an educated gun owner, SHIT reminds its members that cuss words relieve a tremendous amount of tension, but only if used with respect for their power. SHIT will educate people to use swear words properly. For instance, shit is an all-purpose word; cussers should use it when failing an exam or watching a favorite team cost you $20 by blowing a huge lead. However, if you use lose more than $20, that's a fuck. If you're dealing with the IRS, that might be a shit or a fuck, depending on who did your taxes; if you're dealing with the FBI or ATF, that's always a fuck.
Among other cuss words, asshole is good for the boss or moron coworkers or in-laws, but motherfucker should be reserved for more weighty situations, such as when a mugger who shoots you even after you give him your wallet, or you realize you're slipping off the edge of the Grand Canyon as you back up for a family photo. I hear motherfucker invoked for the simplest of transgressions, such as a foul during a basketball game. No, no, no! "Fuck you" will suffice, or maybe "What the hell?" Motherfucker is a fairly serious accusation.
Membership in SHIT is free, but we do expect members to uphold certain standards. Children must be encouraged to use cuss words properly, or not at all (if a toddler wants to say shit when he falls on his face, he'll say it. Give him time). We do not swear at police officers, because they have guns. And although swear words exist in all languages, SHIT uses the English standard. Members are, however, permitted to say "Pardon my French."
Should you lack the control to use cuss words only when warranted, you may suspend your membership by saying aloud in front of two witnesses, "Fuck SHIT." Remember to burn your membership card.

Friday, May 17, 2002

Human Head for Sale

Killing to sell someone's body parts?!? What the hell is the matter with these people? And the fact that the man 'hacked' off the head with a 'knife'. That must have been some knife. And what do you do with a hacked off head? 'some traditional healers believe are essential ingredients for certain kinds of medicine' I want to know what kind of medicine this is so that I never have to go to that doctor.
Human Head for Sale
JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - A South African police sting operation has bagged a murderer and the human head he was trying to sell for use in traditional medicine, police said on Thursday. Police have in the past uncovered several so-called muti murders of people killed for body parts that some traditional healers believe are essential ingredients for certain kinds of medicine. Police said the head belonged to a 52-year-old man whose headless corpse was found Monday in Krugersdorp. The head had been hacked off with a knife. "A trap was set whereby a 23-year-old man was arrested who had attempted to sell the head for 10,000 rand ($980) for muti purposes," a police statement said. The arrest was made on Wednesday in Krugersdorp, a town west of Johannesburg. The suspect will appear in court Friday to face a charge of murder. Police said they believed he had stabbed his victim several times before decapitating him.

Thursday, May 16, 2002

P Diddy is #12

Ananova reports P Diddy named one of '20 dumbest' in US

Thursday 27th December 2001

P Diddy has been labelled one of the dumbest people in the US. He came 12th in Mad Magazine's annual list of the country's 20 dumbest people. The rapper was nominated for changing his name from Puff Daddy to P Diddy. The list was topped by the Reverend Jerry Falwell, who blamed the September 11 attacks in part on "abortionists, feminists, gays, and lesbians." Mad's co-editor John Ficarra told "We thought Falwell had reached his personal pinnacle of dumbness a few years ago when he accused the Teletubbies of promoting homosexuality - we underestimated him."

Monday, May 13, 2002

new intro

yesterday turned out to be one of those days that i can honestly day that i couldn't have asked for much more. i went to my mom's house and i gave her her mother's day presents. then we baked cookies and i made a flyer for bob (my stepdad). he's selling his motorcycle. and then we went out to dinner with the family. it was so fun. and maybe that might seem strange to some, but it was actually a good time. then we all went back to mom and bob's for coffee and fresh baked chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies (so yummy). and then i watched a bunch of movies with my mom and hung out and talked about all kinds of stuff from priest scandals to the israel/palestine issues to vietnam and how her brother was there and a lot of other people that she knows.
so today i decided that i was going to give flashmx another try. since i have no 'formal' training in mx, i have been a little intimidated by the format of everything (im totally used to v.5) but for some reason today, i decided that i had to try again. and i did. and im working on a new little intro thingy for this site. so far, so good.
its been all rainy here today. not that that's a bad thing...i love the rain. but i hate the thunder. well, to be a little more specific, my dog hates the thunder. he starts freaking out and looking all around the house for places to hide. and we have no way of calming him down. he just freaks out and shakes. poor doggie.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

tantrums over shoes

there are certain times in our lives where you just need reassurance. whether it be an old friend or a family member or even writing them into a blog to put on your web site so that your thoughts are out there in the great unknown. just words on page really. I'll be the first one to admit that i was not the nicest of all the girls in high school. some would even say i was a huge bitch. and i know that is not too far from the truth. i don't think that high school is a useful tool for judging one's character. with all the hormones and confusion, i completely understand now what i was feeling then. not to say that i can relate to any of the kids that are in high school, because i honestly think that in five years a lot can change. but thats an entirely separate entry. although i wasn't the nicest person back then, i think that i have changed a lot over the past five years. not to say that it has been all that easy...i mean every once in a while that sixteen year old girl comes out and starts throwing temper tantrums about how she has to be able to return the pair of shoes. but i never apologized to people that i may have hurt. and thinking about it now, i still wont apologize for my actions. not to say that they were justified. but i think that instead of apologizing and saying the words that people have come to take for granted, i put my apologies into actions. and i became a nicer person. my patience is another step that i have to work on. i think that because i have become a nicer person, i feel more of a need for this reassurance from others. and i have to say that i hate that about myself now. i mean, i kind of feel like i have regressed. i feel like i was once this strong-take-no-shit-from-anyone(and I MEAN ANYONE) girl into this young woman who is searching for acceptance into the places that she once thumbed her nose at. aim not talking about trendy bars or up-tight restaurants, but i mean the people that surround me in my life. and even the ones who just pass in and out. i think that right now is one of those times where my words have to go into the great unknown so that i can feel the reassurance that i am so searching for right now. i need to know that at the end of the day that everything will be okay. sometimes i just wish that i was stupid so that i never had the capability to analyze things a billion times over.

Friday, February 15, 2002

mark twain

i got the adventures of tom sawyer. i have been wanting to read something by mark twain for a few months now (well ever since that special was on PBS). i read the book when i was in grammar school but i think that i was too young to appreciate something like that. anyway...

Monday, January 28, 2002

best of humanity

The following is an excerpt from Rudolph W. Giuliani's words about the September 11, 2001 attack on the USA.

"We have met the worst of humanity with the best of humanity."

On the morning of September 11, 2001, the United States of America awoke to find itself under attack.
In the City of New York, hijacked commercial airliners were crashed into the World Trade Center. Less than two hours later, both 110-story Twin Towers collapsed, killing some 5,000 innocent men, women and children. It was the deadliest day in American history, costing more lives than the attack on Pearl Harbor or D-Day.In the aftermath of this unimaginable tragedy, New Yorkers, and all Americans, have united as never before. Inspired by countless examples of courage and generosity, we have met the worst of humanity with the best of humanity. The darkest day in our long history has led to our finest hour.

I was having breakfast in midtown when I received word that the first plane had hit the northern tower. It was a clear blue-sky day, but some New Yorkers still held on to the hope that the crash could have been a terrible accident. When the second plane began its deadly descent into the southern tower, we knew that we were under attack.

I arrived at the western base of the World Trade Center to witness the most horrific scene of my life—the buildings were burning, shooting flames and black smoke toward the sky, while debris and human beings fell to the ground. The firefighters and police were already there and the rescue effort was under way. New York's Bravest and New York's Finest were doing what they always do—running toward danger. Among these were the most decorated men in the Fire Department, living legends such as First Deputy Commissioner Bill Feehan, Chief of the Department Pete Ganci, the Department Chaplain Father Mychal Judge, and the rising star of Manhattan's Rescue 1 Squad, Captain Terry Hatton. The best of the Bravest put themselves in the gravest danger. Like many thousands, they would never be seen alive again.

The magnitude of the horror is still hard to comprehend. Those proud Twin Towers that crowned our skyline for a quarter century no longer stand. Even more devastating is the loss of thousands of individuals who were killed in the attack. All were innocent. All were heroes.

Those who went to work in the World Trade Center on September 11 were engaged in the quiet heroism of supporting their families, pursuing their dreams and playing their own meaningful part in a diverse, dynamic and free society. We will never know many of the selfless acts of courage that occurred among them that day, but they will occupy a sacred place in our hearts and in our history. They will never be forgotten.

The brave men and women who entered the Twin Towers to save those inside are already recognized as heroes for the ages. Survivors of the attack speak of stairwells crowded with people determined to get downstairs to safety, while firefighters, police officers, and other emergency workers were going in the opposite direction—running upstairs toward danger, toward the heart of the fire, determined to save lives. Three hundred forty-three members of the New York City Fire Department lost their lives on September 11—a devastating blow to a Department that had lost 778 men since it was founded in 1865. Members of the New York City Police Department, the Port Authority Police, EMS workers and court officers also made great sacrifices amid startling acts of bravery. Not a single one of those heroes died in vain. Their courage, selflessness and professionalism saved more than 25,000 lives that day—making it the most successful rescue operation in our nation's history. These were true American patriots. They gave their lives in defense of our liberty.

Extravagant Spirits

Extravagant Spirits
Without their fierce devotion
We are fragile and forlorn,
Stumbling briefly, among the stars.
We and our futures belong to them
Exquisitely, our beliefs and our
Breaths are made tangible in their love.
By their extravagant spirits, they draw us
From the safe borders
And into the center of the center ring
There they urge dance upon our
Leaden feet
And to our sullen hearts,
Bright laughter.

Not the crowd's roar nor the gasped
Breath of the timorous can stay their mission.

There is no moderation in their nature.
They spit upon their fingers
To test the wind of history,
They slip into our bonds and steal us
Away from the slavery of cowardice.

They skin back their thin lips over fanged teeth and
Rocks in hand, in our presence
Face down our Goliath.

These mothers, fathers, pastors and priests,
These Rabbis, Imams and gurus,
Teach us by their valor and mold us with their courage.

Without their fierce devotion
We are only forlorn and only fragile
Stumbling briefly, among the stars.

non-politically-correct words

So I have to admit that things in this household have gotten a bit crazy to say the least. I think that our household is not unlike many other Americans. I find it incredibly ironic that, as I sit here writing this, I am sprung from my computer. A noise, although I'm not quite sure what the noise is. It's really loud, almost like there is a lawnmower going around my house. I jump out of my chair and fling open the front door. I step out onto our front porch coming to the realization that the noise is a plane, flying very low, bringing me to a dead halt. I think that my reactions are completely "normal" considering what we, as a nation have gone through. I find it reassuring to know that there are other people, who, like me, are on a heightened sense of security...And I'm not just talking about the security that Donald Rumsfield is asking us to be at, I feel more alert than what my country is asking me to be. I used to let planes come and go over my house without a second thought. Now it seems that I'm double-checking to make sure what I hear is actually a plane, not just some figment of my imagination. I have never noticed so many planes flying over my house on a regular daily basis. Now it seems as if I notice them more and more. I have to say that I have been very lucky not to have had to experienced the type of horror that terrorist attacks brought into our every day lives. What our country has suffered is more pain than I could ever face. It's funny how we can sit and preach and tell people not to promote hate crimes and try to be so politically correct. It's funny how we, as Americans cant remember our lives on September 10. We have been forever changed, grown stronger, gained a sense of American pride that was lost just a few weeks ago. I can never forget what we have been through. I can never explain why I am so proud to be an American. But I can think of it the way my grandparents tried to explain patriotism to me years ago. I tried to listen, but all I heard was a bunch of non-politically-correct words. Now I understand them.