Monday, January 28, 2002

non-politically-correct words

So I have to admit that things in this household have gotten a bit crazy to say the least. I think that our household is not unlike many other Americans. I find it incredibly ironic that, as I sit here writing this, I am sprung from my computer. A noise, although I'm not quite sure what the noise is. It's really loud, almost like there is a lawnmower going around my house. I jump out of my chair and fling open the front door. I step out onto our front porch coming to the realization that the noise is a plane, flying very low, bringing me to a dead halt. I think that my reactions are completely "normal" considering what we, as a nation have gone through. I find it reassuring to know that there are other people, who, like me, are on a heightened sense of security...And I'm not just talking about the security that Donald Rumsfield is asking us to be at, I feel more alert than what my country is asking me to be. I used to let planes come and go over my house without a second thought. Now it seems that I'm double-checking to make sure what I hear is actually a plane, not just some figment of my imagination. I have never noticed so many planes flying over my house on a regular daily basis. Now it seems as if I notice them more and more. I have to say that I have been very lucky not to have had to experienced the type of horror that terrorist attacks brought into our every day lives. What our country has suffered is more pain than I could ever face. It's funny how we can sit and preach and tell people not to promote hate crimes and try to be so politically correct. It's funny how we, as Americans cant remember our lives on September 10. We have been forever changed, grown stronger, gained a sense of American pride that was lost just a few weeks ago. I can never forget what we have been through. I can never explain why I am so proud to be an American. But I can think of it the way my grandparents tried to explain patriotism to me years ago. I tried to listen, but all I heard was a bunch of non-politically-correct words. Now I understand them.

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