Thursday, May 20, 2004

You're fired!

Donald Trump made "You're fired" famous on a reality TV show and I get to hear the words in my own reality. I got fired this morning because I had to call out sick. I could not get up. My body would not let me. And I had a choice this morning. Money or Health. I chose health. I knew that if I were to force myself to go to work today that I would be making my body weak and get sick and have an MS attack. I made it working for one whole day this time though. I thought for sure that I wouldn't have made it that far. So I guess I earned about $100 yesterday. And I guess that it could be worse. But I guess that it really pisses me off that because of some disease that I have I can't do things like a 'normal' person like go to work every day. I'm in my 20's! This is supposed to be the time when I'm starting a career and getting things together, getting my own place (well I had that already but had to give it up) again and starting to do things for myself. It pisses me off that I can't go to work every day. I want to. I really do. I am mentally more than capable of it. But my body will psychically not allow me to do it. I want a new body. Or maybe just a part time job.

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