Monday, June 28, 2004

Who is the old guy dancing in the Six Flags commercials?

I'm sure that by now just about everyone who watches tv at all has seen the Six Flags commercial with the dancing man. I originally wanted to know who was doing this dance so I did some searching and ended up with far more information that I had planned.
When I looked for who the dancing man was I found someone had already asked Google.
Who is the old guy dancing in the Six Flags commercials?
There is no answer at this time.

from The Times-Picayune
The wildly popular commercial for Six Flags theme parks is the subject of oodles of blogs and message boards on the Internet. Most bloggers seem obsessed with identifying the "little old guy" who dances but some just can't get the song out their heads. Only the chorus music from the 1998 Vengaboys dance hit "We Like to Party (The Venga Bus)" is used, but it's enough to pique the curiosity of plenty of viewers. The Vengaboys are an otherwise forgettable Latin band. As for the "little old guy" dancing in the commercials, Six Flags offices all over the country have been flooded with calls from people wanting to know more about him. But theme park officials will say only that he's their "ambassador of fun" and won't reveal his identity or anything else about him (or her). The spot is Six Flags' first nationwide ad campaign in seven years and it's a huge success. In fact, the psychedelic bus featured in the ads is making the rounds to Six Flags theme parks and it will be at the New Orleans park sometime in June.

This is what I found people were saying and talking about in regards to the ad.
From Pinwheel at RateItAll
The Old guys is frightening. I lie awake at night fearful that if I fall asleep he'll creep up the stairs, sneak into my bedroom, and bludgeon me with a hammer until I'm dead. My last vision would be that of this terrifying ghoul laughing as he continuously strikes me about the head and body. I imagine as the last breath excaped my lungs, he would drop his pants and urinate on my lifeless body then dance his way down the stairs to continue his rampage on the rest of my family. He would beat my father until he was paralyzed and force him to watch as he beat my mother and abused her corpse. If six flags is willing to instill such fear into minds of television viewers, I couldn't imagine the horror that must exist at their parks.

From grmarq88 at RateItAll
What an advertising coup! I love this guy! My teenagers do not understand why I am so obsessed with him. I am frustrated that GMA didn't reveal who it was. I woke all the kids up to watch; they went back to sleep. My daughter told me it was Paris Hilton. I'm going with the Steve Urkel kid.

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