Monday, December 4, 2006

City Sidewalks

I took a trip into New York city this past Sunday. I never realized how amazing the city is during the Holidays. I had such an amazing day! We got on the train early in the morning so that we were able to spend the whole day being tourists. As soon as we got into Grand Central Terminal, I felt like a tiny ant in a HUGE city. There is something about New York that can make you feel very small. Grand Central Terminal was gorgeous. It was so neat to walk around and see and hear people from all over the world. After leaving there, we went directly to Rockefeller Center. The tree was HUGE!! It was from Connecticut (just like me). We saw Santas galore! We took a walk in St. Patricks Cathedral, past Tiffany and onto the subway. It was then time to meet up with some friends and hang out in Greenwich Village.

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