Thursday, December 30, 2010

MS Attack 2010

As the cleanup from The Blizzard of 2010 slowly continues, my speech and dexterity slowly begin to get better. I have been going through my own personaal form of hell this past wweek. I couldn't write (say goodbye to those Christmas cards). I couldn't walk without falling (bye to driving, unskinned knees and elbows, unassisted bathing, and general independence). I couldn't talk and make sense (I think this was the hardest. I am big into family and didn't want them to see me not being able to speak so I stayed home)
I am thankful for having such a wonderful partner with Rob and an understanding family. So Rob and I are planning a trip. I haven't felt good so we were debating but after an IM session with my cousin, I really just want to see them. And it looks like the weather is nice for the weekend. We will be staying at "The North Pole". More specifically, the Adirondack Mountain region. It would be great if one of us skied or snowboarded or even went tubing. But we are indoor people. So some of the beauty of the Adirondacks is lost on us. No worries though, there's a lot to do, and I heard a rumor about a little girl getting a wii. There are also many family members that I have a lot of catching up to do with. And really that's the reason why we are taking a 6 hour journey. Yes, I did say SIX hours. And it is a loooooong six hours. Since we are leaving so late, it will be dark for most of the ride (making reading impossible). Hopefully I can knit in the dark to give me something to do other than look for a radio station that we can both agree on. Happy New Year to anyone out there.

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