Wednesday, July 28, 2004

IKEA family

ikea opened in New Haven today. It was so crazy! People were standing in the rain for hours to get a free chair that was worth $99. People will do anything for free. Not me though. Well, that's not all true. My mother and I had talked about going early this morning (around 6am) but after we had both seen the chair, we decided against it. And its a good thing that we didn't. The 199th woman to get the chair was there last night at 8pm. Apparently, hundreds of people stood in the rain last night to be one of the first to get in the store. It was the 200th store for ikea worldwide and is the first in New England. And because they did, I decided to take the IKEA Family Personality Test

You are a typical GRUNDTAL dish drainer!

GRUNDTAL dish drainers are reliable, meticulous, highly organised and well balanced. They are sensitive to sudden changes and major upheavals. GRUNDTAL dish drainers tend to remain loyal to the same car brand, often a Saab, all their lives. Many also collect things like china, glass and silverware. Dish drainers tend to have special hobbies, and whether it's aerobics or sailing, they always insist on having the best equipment available. Top performance is crucial and while not exactly gadget freaks; they do go for the best quality at the lowest price. When they get what they want, these purchases can give them a real kick that may last for days.

Many dish drainers are very health-conscious and therefore live to grand old ages. They enjoy regular training and never cut corners when it comes to diet, sleep or hygiene. They are partial to traditions and will willingly dress up as Father Christmas, dance round the maypole or take part in Lucia celebrations. Some might go so far as to call the GRUNDTAL dish drainer an over-ambitious perfectionist.

GRUNDTAL dish drainers rarely put their careers first, although they often make popular employees (especially with their bosses). But if they are able to combine their jobs with their special interests, their careers can really take off. When this does happen, it is generally the result of luck rather than premeditation. Dish drainers are not generally calculating by nature. Likely professions: police officers, researchers, craftsmen and engineers.

GRUNDTAL children are paragons of virtue - clean and wholesome, verging on the priggish. GRUNDTAL dish drainers are highly compatible with RISKA mirrors and BILLY bookshelves. Should GRUNDTAL encounter a PĂ–SIG cushion, however, he/she may well experience dizzy spells and wonder what went wrong with the cushion's childhood.

GRUNDTAL make excellent friends and colleagues. They are highly dependable, but they may sometimes get on other people's nerves. GRUNDTAL dish drainers are also efficient and meticulous, qualities that colleagues and friends value highly. At work, the BILLY bookshelf and GRUNDTAL make a great team, and their ability to co-operate often leads to success.

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