Thursday, October 19, 2006

baseball is over for the season...

I am sad. The baseball season is now over for me. Yes, yes, I know the World Series has not begun yet. For me, baseball is over. I am a Yankees fan. Once were eliminated from the playoffs, I was hoping the Mets would win. My grandfather was a Mets fan and I figured, what the heck, they are from New York. But, the Mets were eliminated tonight. I was so hoping to be able to watch baseball for another week. At least it's not the Red Sox in the World Series. How many days left until pitchers and catchers report for the 2007 season?

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~ Storm said...

I miss baseball but as I am sure you are aware, neither of our teams in Chicago did well this year. Last year was so much fun with the White Sox playing as well as they did (and consistently too).

You shouldn't be sad. The Yankees almost ALWAYS get into the playoffs at the very least, so your season is a bit longer.

My condolences to you and all Yankee fans on the tragic death of Cory. So sad.