Thursday, August 12, 2004

Apple - Mac OS X - Tiger Preview

Apple - Mac OS X - Tiger Preview
Steve Jobs says "Apple has the best displays in the industry bar none. Our competitors buy the panels we reject." (laughing in audience) "It's true."

Apple came out with new displays that is AMAZING LOOKING! There is a 30 inch display that is 2560x1600, with 4.1 million pixels! That's bigger than my television! But it's also $3,299 and only works with the PowerMac. They had to come up with a new graphics card for it. And not only one, but dual dual link that will come up with 8.2 million pixels for one PowerMac!
Looks like Apple is coming out with a new OS. MacOSX v10.4 Tiger looks like it's going to have some cool new features. There is a video on the WWDC 2004.
"There are over 150 new features in Tiger" says Jobs.

Spotlight is a very cool new new feature in Tiger. It is basically a search engine for your entire computer and allows you to have Smart Lists like the ones that are in iTunes for your Address Book, Mail, etc.

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