Monday, August 23, 2004

Backless g-string

these look pretty cool! | Backless g-string revealed (August 13, 2004): "Backless g-string revealed
By Dominique Jackson
August 13, 2004
AUSTRALIA could be on the brink of a startling underwear revolution, thanks to Gold Coast couple Jan and Chuck Digney ('just your average mum and dad') and their invention: the backless brief.
Jan had a visible G-string problem and asked her daughters for advice.
'They said they freebag it, basically, `We don't wear undies Mum.'
'Well,' says Jan, speaking after a champagne-fuelled lunch to celebrate the launch, 'there's got to be something out there to stop people from doing that'.
She worked through 50-odd prototypes before arriving at a design that replaces the back with two bra-style straps under the bottom.
'It's like freebagging but you're protected,' she says.
The challenge, says Chuck, is to get people to believe they stay up.
The couple has spent $300,000 on the first run of 35,000 and patenting the invention across the world.

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