Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Halo 2

No I certainly did not wait in line at midnight to get my copy. But I did get it! I had pre-ordered Halo 2 months ago! And today is the day when I finally got to go pick it up and I am so excited to play. It got a 9.4 from gamespot.

First-day sales will reach $100 million, a senior Microsoft games executive said Tuesday. USATODAY.com

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The Mort Report said...

Halo 2 makes babies stop crying.

If you play online look me up, my gamertag is MortPR.

God, I feel like such a dweeb saying that.

Anyway, cool blog, I was just checking out blogs from new haven (im a townie).

Enjoy. And get Half Life 2. And Ghost Recon 2.