Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Hello Again Nasty

Beastie Boys set to record Hello Nasty follow-up

The Beastie Boys are planning to record a new album.

Ananova Story filed: 15:40 Monday 10th December 2001

I am so super duper happy that they're coming out with a new album. I think that I wore out my copy of 'The Sounds of Science' (its a double-cd set). Not to mention the aimple fact that I love them

The album will be the follow-up to their 1998 album Hello Nasty.
The group are to start work in the recording studio early next year.
Beasties DJ Mixmaster Mike told Rolling Stone that the group have been working on new material in New York and Los Angeles.

He said: "Right now, we're at the incubation stage. We've got all the beats in the incubator. They're eggs. We're waiting for them to hatch. Me and Mike D are just like, politicking. We're very moody players. We're moody musicians. You never know what's gonna come out of it."

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