Monday, May 13, 2002

new intro

yesterday turned out to be one of those days that i can honestly day that i couldn't have asked for much more. i went to my mom's house and i gave her her mother's day presents. then we baked cookies and i made a flyer for bob (my stepdad). he's selling his motorcycle. and then we went out to dinner with the family. it was so fun. and maybe that might seem strange to some, but it was actually a good time. then we all went back to mom and bob's for coffee and fresh baked chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies (so yummy). and then i watched a bunch of movies with my mom and hung out and talked about all kinds of stuff from priest scandals to the israel/palestine issues to vietnam and how her brother was there and a lot of other people that she knows.
so today i decided that i was going to give flashmx another try. since i have no 'formal' training in mx, i have been a little intimidated by the format of everything (im totally used to v.5) but for some reason today, i decided that i had to try again. and i did. and im working on a new little intro thingy for this site. so far, so good.
its been all rainy here today. not that that's a bad thing...i love the rain. but i hate the thunder. well, to be a little more specific, my dog hates the thunder. he starts freaking out and looking all around the house for places to hide. and we have no way of calming him down. he just freaks out and shakes. poor doggie.

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