Monday, May 27, 2002

my dream

I have been looking for a new VWBeetle convertible since I saw Austin Powers driving one around. Let's just say that I have been to the VW dealership my fair share of times asking when they are coming out with them in America. And every time that I ask, I get the same answer, 'Miss we know that they are going to come out with them, we just don't know when.' And even though I do not speak Deutch?, I think that a very sweet boy may have sent me on the correct path. I swore to myself that once I saw the opportunity for this car, that I would own it. It's been something that I have really wanted. And I know that certain car dealerships in America 'modify' the new Beetles into the Cab's but I also know that 'modifications such as these will void my warranty.'

Beetles Revival
There is a rumor going around about a small company, nestled in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Germany, which not only produces the classical beetle convertible and the new beetle convertible, but we also restore all volkswagen automobiles to their original mint condition.
We, at Beetles Revival, try to maintain excellent customer service by not only giving you a quality product, but by keeping a good solid customer relationship with our experienced service and parts department.
We produce from your New Beetle...the New Beetle Convertible.
Beetles Revival High Lights
New Beetle Convertible as a new car
Refine your New Beetle to a New Beetle Convertible
Beetles Revival Show Rooms
aautomobile dealer Kamps in Witten
VW-Center in Leipzig
autobobile dealer Jacobs in Aachen
New Beetle Cabriolet
On that IAA in Frankfurt am Main, we for the first time presented the New Beetle convertible the public in September 1999.
Approximately 20 vehicles produced individually left our workshop since then, among other things, a Show-Car for the motion picture film "Austin Powers" as well as the "Beetster" in Co-Produktion with Kamei.
They can command your dream convertible with us as a producing vehicle or you deliver your New Beetle as a basic vehicle.Ihre individual wishes in equipment can let us flowing completely into our small production!
Design your dream convertible. Choose between the different engines, color coatings, tires or add one or more of our special options for your own New Beetle Convertible.

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